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Support and Adoption

Various support groups are held throughout the year. These groups can include:

  • birth parents
  • adoptive parents (domestic and international)
  • prospective adoptive parent(s)
  • adoptees (domestic and international)
  • families connected to adoption

Are you living outside of Saskatoon and would like to start an adoption-related support group? ​

There are many reasons to start a support group in your community. The ASCS Carol Bothwell Library houses many different materials on how to start a support group in your own community. To access the library materials, head to our Membership Page where you can sign up to be a member. Our in-house librarian can guide you and provide materials to you even if you are out of Saskatoon--postage paid.​

ASCS Mentorship Program

The Adoption Support Centre hosts a peer mentorship program which matches prospective adoptive parents with adoptive parents for support, education, encouragement, and community. Call us at 1-866-869-2727 for more information.


Families built through adoption can encounter pre and postadoption challenges they wish to explore in counselling. Adoptive parents may have questions about parenting and relationship struggles, adoptees or birth parents might wish to resolve losses, and couples may desire additional support in coming to terms with infertility, making choices around building their future family through adoption, or exploring and strengthening their relationship.

Formal counselling is one avenue many people choose to gain support when faced with challenging issues. You don't need to be in a crisis or having great difficulties to benefit from counselling. Counselling provides a safe, supportive time and place for you to discuss and work through stressful life events, receive assistance with problem-solving in various areas of your life, and to explore areas of personal development. We strongly believe that support counselling is a good option to optimize your well-being and prevent symptoms from developing by providing you with tools to manage life's transitions and struggles in a confidential, respectful setting.

Counselling provides a therapeutic process to facilitate change, healing, and growth. If there are things you want to change, your therapist can collaboratively create action-focused strategies to help you make and stick to behavioural changes. To help with healing, your therapist can use insight-oriented techniques to help you cultivate a new relationship toward yourself, your past, and your struggles. For growth, your therapist can help you understand and develop your strengths to lead a fuller, more enriching life.

We can help you find a qualified practitioner.
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