In this session, using a combination of her personal and professional life, Shana will provide an overview of how FASD presents including primary disabilities and how they relate to an individual’s behaviours and actions as well as how they may cause secondary challenges. This session will shed light on this complex disability and bring hope and positivity to a world that is often masked by negative stereotypes and misguided misconceptions.

Shana is the Training Manager for the FASD Network of Saskatchewan. She has trained hundreds of professionals, caregivers, and individuals with intellectual disabilities about the complexities of FASD. Through her experiences, she has developed an intimate understanding of the services available for individuals with FASD. Shana believes in the need for more research to fill the gaps in these services and to increase the accessibility for individuals with FASD and their caregivers. Shana is also the mom to an amazing daughter with FASD who motivates her unlimited passion for the cause. She is where Shana’s dedication started and continues to be her most important teacher in the complex world of FASD.