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Rights of Expectant Parents

As an expectant birth parent considering your options, you have:

  • The right to make decisions without being influenced by other people
  • The right to seek legal counsel regarding any decision you make
  • The right to confidentiality, including the right ot not have family members or any other individuals notified of the pregnancy or the plan being discussed or made
  • The ability to parent with supports, such as supports from family or through programs such as Income Security
  • The ability to place a child into temporary care of Child and Family Services while making a decision
  • The right to participate in the selection of adoptive parents and express what they hope for in an adoptive family
  • The right to express what type of communication with the child and open adoption arrangement you would like to have after the adoption occurs (keeping in mind that adoption includes the loss of parental rights and that communication agreements with the adoptive family are created in good faith and are not legally enforceable)
  • The right to change your mind about an adoption plan (called a "revocation") up to 14 days after you give consent, even if the child is already placed with the adoptive family
  • In Saskatchewan, birth mothers and birth fathers have equal rights with respect to a child