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Meet Mikayla

My name is Mikayla and I am a 24 year old adoptee. Born in Tampa, Florida to a lady, not quite ready to a mom, and adopted out at 3 says old. Being adopted has has brought on many challenges for myself, for my family and for my birth family. But, it’s also created so many amazing memories and helped me build a life I wouldn’t have got to had I not been adopted. I’m excited to have you all join me in the Human Library and learn more about my life.

About ASCS

The Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan provides pre- and post-adoption support services, including consultation, education, resources and more. ASCS provides these supports and programs to adoptive families, adoptees, birth parents, birth families and professionals. When adoption becomes the plan for a child, ASCS believes the child’s best interests are met when families are well-equipped with a broad understanding of adoption and the issues that may arise along the journey. Knowing what resources are available to support the child throughout their life within an adoptive family is essential from the start.