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Above: Gerry Jacob, Provincial Adoption Coordinator speaking at a SAPA conference circa 1987

Our History

In 1987 adoptive parents in Saskatchewan began meeting together to support one another as adoptive parents and eventually formed the Saskatchewan Adoptive Parents Association (SAPA). In 1993 SAPA became a non-profit, registered charity and Community Based Organization (CBO) under the direction of the Ministry of Social Services. In 2002, the Saskatchewan Adoptive Parents Association changed their name and mandate in order to more accurately reflect the population that the organization was serving to become the Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan Inc. (ASCS).

SCS clients include prospective and adoptive parents who are or have adopted through domestic adoption, private adoption, intercountry adoption or step parent adoption, families who are parenting children with special needs including foster parents, birth parents who are searching or in need of crisis pregnancy services, adoptees, students and professionals who work in the adoption field or in child welfare.

ASCS provides services for those who are connected to adoption, working closely with other community based organizations to offer additional services to their clients. Over the years partnerships have been established with organizations such as the Fetal Alcohol Support Network, the Saskatchewan Foster Families Association, Parenting Education, the North American Council on Adoptable Children and the Adoption Council of Canada just to name a few.

The Adoption Support Centre is home to the ASCS Carol Bothwell Library, an extensive Resource Centre which houses one of the largest adoption-related libraries in North America and offers information on all aspects of adoption and related topics for adults, children, professionals and students. The Carol Bothwell Library is a substantial resource for SIAST, University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina students working on projects or bachelor and masters programs. Membership to the library allows for borrowing through Canada Post with all postage paid including book returns.

Conferences, workshops, seminars and family events are offered through ASCS providing training and information on relevant, current topics of interest to the adoption community at large. Past conferences have brought renowned experts such as Cindy Blackstock, Deborah Gray, Patricia Irwin Johnston and Dr. Denise Goodman to Saskatchewan.

ASCS now offers a domestic adoption, pre-adoption preparation program called the Domestic Adoption Orientation Program. This program is mandated by Ministry of Social Services as a pre-application requirement for individuals or couples who are interested in adopting a child who is in the care of the Ministry. All individuals who want to adopt domestically are required to participate in the Domestic Adoption Orientation Program prior to being referred to the Ministry of Social Services to proceed with their Domestic Adoption Application. For more information about the Domestic Adoption Orientation Program please contact ASCS.