Support Groups

Adoption Support Networks

Staff at ASCS are available to facilitate the creation of a support network throughout Saskatchewan for those persons connected to adoption.

Are you living in Saskatchewan and would like to start an adoption-related support group? ​

There are many reasons to start a support group in your community. The ASCS Carol Bothwell Library houses many different materials on how to start a support group in your own community. Our staff can guide you and provide materials to get you started.

Do you have an adoption related support group in your community that you would like to share information about?

Let us know and we can help!

Existing Support Groups

Contact our office for more information.

Adult Adoptee Support Group

In September 2019 ASCS hosted an adult adoptee support group that was run by a student working on her Master’s degree. It was held at the ASCS office for one evening a week for 3 consecutive weeks. A variety of professionals presented and adult adoptees gathered to discuss a variety of adoption related topics. It was identified that there was a need for adult adoptee support. The future goals of ASCS include the development of programming to meet the needs to the adoption community in Saskatchewan. Subscribe to our mailing list below to ensure you do not miss important new programmig announcements!

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