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Frequently Asked

What is adoption?
Adoption is the process through which a child becomes a legal, permanent part of a family through the application and approval of parental guardians.

How long does the process take?

The length of time it takes to adopt a child varies and depends on a wide variety of factors. Applicants who are willing to support older children, sibling groups, or children with complex needs tend to complete the steps required to adopt much sooner. Aboriginal and Métis families interested in adoption are prioritized as there is an ongoing need for Aboriginal and Métis resource families.

What is the cost of adopting?​

Domestic (Saskatchewan) Adoptions are funded through the provincial government Ministry of Social Services. However, there are some small fees along the way, such as the fee for the Domestic Adoption Orientation program we run out of ASCS. Private and International adoptions are not funded by the ministry and ASCS is unable to provide a cost figure, as it is different for each individual case.

Who oversees all adoptions in Saskatchewan?​

The ministry of social services oversees all adoptions in Saskatchewan, including Domestic, private, and international. Learn more about the types of adoption please click here.

What is the first step?​

The first step in the adoption process across all of Saskatchewan is to give us a call! Upon your first call to us, we will send you an email information package that will have all of the initial information you need to begin exploring the adoption process. Once you have decided to start the process, you will be required to complete the Domestic Adoption Orientation Program with us at ASCS. This program was created by ASCS and is funded by the Ministry of Social Services as a required part of the adoption process.
There is no timeline or deadline to complete the Orientation process. Once you have completed the Domestic Adoption Orientation, you will contact ASCS and we will refer you to the Ministry. Once your case is in the hands of the ministry, we will remain your source for information and support.