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Adoption is a life-long experience for everyone involved: birth families, adopted children, and adoptive families. No two adoptions are alike.

If you are a birth parent who made an adoption plan and wish to talk about your adoption experience or are considering a search and contact process, the Adoption Support Centre can provide you with support.

We offer informal support/counselling, referrals, help with navigating the post-adoption registry, information about search and contact, resources, the mentorship program (connection with other individuals with similar experiences in the adoption community), library books, and more. ASCS can be reached at (306) 665-7272 or 1-866-869-2727.


In Saskatchewan, the Post-Adoption Registry maintains the provincial adoption records.  If you want to access post-adoption services, file a veto, or require more information, please contact the Post-Adoption Registry at (306) 787-3654 or toll free at 1-800-667-7539.

Notice: The Government of Saskatchewan made changes to regulations around access to birth registration information on adoptions occurring in Saskatchewan for all adoptees and birth parents. These changes came into effect January 2017 and replace the past requirements to obtain consent, with the option to file a veto or contact preference. Birth registrations contain information such as birth parent name(s), name of child at birth, location of birth, and name of hospital.

For more information, please read the Post-Adoption Services in Saskatchewan information sheet.

If you are currently facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering your options, go to the pregnancy page here.