Independent Adoption

Also known as “Private” adoption

These adoptions occur when birth and adoptive parents are known to each other prior to making an adoption plan. Typically it involves birth parents choosing an adoption plan together with friends, family or someone they know.

How it works

A Ministry-approved Independent Practitioner is hired by the adoptive family to complete a Mutual Family Assessment (MFA – or home study) and the family is required to partake in PRIDE training. A list of Independent Practitioners can be obtained through a lawyer or ASCS. A lawyer is retained by the adoptive family to assist with the court process.

To consent to the adoption, birth parents will complete the Certificate of Counselling with an MSS caseworker and are encouraged to meet with their own lawyer for independent legal advice (cost of which may be covered by the adoptive parents).

Note: In December 2017, the Saskatchewan government increased the number of days birth parents involved in a voluntary committal or private adoption to revoke adoption consent from 14 to 21 days (after the consents have been signed). Changes were made to the province’s Adoption Act and Adoption Regulations.

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