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Private Adoption

Private adoption refers to adoptions in which the adoption plan is made independently by birth parents and/or the individual being adopted.

There are three main types of private adoptions in Saskatchewan:

Independent AdoptionIn an independent adoption, birth parents may make arrangements with someone they know to adopt their child. For this process, a Ministry-approved Independent Practitioner is hired by the adoptive family to complete a home study and a lawyer is retained by the adoptive family to assist with the court process. To consent to the adoption, birth parents will complete the Certificate of Counselling with a MSS caseworker and the Certificate of Independent Advice with a legal professional.

Step-Parent Adoption An individual may, with the consent of his or her spouse or partner, apply to the court to adopt a child of that spouse or partner. In order to qualify, you and your partner must be legally married or common-law, the child must live with the applicant, and the child must be cared for by the applicant. Children in a step-parent adoption who are 12 years of age or older must consent to the adoption. In most cases, the non-custodial birth parent of the child must also consent to the adoption. Step-parent adoptions are processed through court with the assistance of a lawyer. Home studies are not required in step-parent adoptions, unless they are ordered by the court. All costs related to this type of adoption are the responsibility of the applicants.

Adult Adoption TIndividuals 18 years of age or older may be adopted if they consent and if the court considers the reason for the adoption acceptable. Adult adoptions are processed through court with the assistance of a lawyer and do not require a home study.

Legal RequirementsMore information about the legal requirements of the types of private adoptions can be accessed by reading the Adoption Legal Requirements Guide.

To inquire more about private adoption or learn more about all your options for adopting in Saskatchewan, contact the Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan and request an Initial Adoption Information e-Package. This information package will provide you with up-to-date information about all your options for becoming an adoptive parent in Saskatchewan.

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