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The Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan is the first step for potential adoptive parents in the province. There are three types of adoption available to Saskatchewan residents:

Open Adoption

Openness in adoption refers to maintaining contact with the child’s birth family or other meaningful individuals after the adoption takes places. Openness provides the opportunity to preserve and nurture important connections for the child. An adoption is considered open when there is any ongoing communication or information-sharing between the adoptive family and the birth family or foster family. The level of openness that is appropriate and in the best interests of the child can vary; as such, there are a wide variety of open adoption arrangements.

  • Some open adoptions – sometimes referred to as “fully open” – involve ongoing face-to-face contact with members of the child’s birth family and/or foster family.
  • Other open adoptions – sometimes called “semi-open” – may involve communication via telephone, teleconferencing, letters, or e-mails; in some cases, this communication may be non-identifying and mediated through MSS caseworkers.
  • "Closed" adoptions, with no ongoing contact or communication with the child’s birth family, are relatively rare in adoption today.

Research has tended to show that open adoption is, on average, beneficial for all members of the adoption constellation and frequently in the best interests of the child.

Some of the benefits of an open adoption include:

  • Adoptive parents get the opportunity to maintain a link to the child’s culture and ethnic heritage and obtain more information about the child’s history and medical/genetic information;
  • Adoptees get the opportunity to strengthen their sense of wholeness as a person and identity as an adoptee by having access to information about their adoption story, the reasons for their adoption placement, biological family, and ethnocultural heritage;
  • Birth families get the opportunity to receive information about the health and well-being of the child.

To read more about open adoption, refer to the U.S. Child Welfare Information Gateway's article on Openness in Adoption: Building Relationships Between Adoptive and Birth Families.

To inquire more about open adoption, contact the Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan at (306) 665-7272 or toll free at 1-866-869-2727.


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