ASCS Post-Adoption Support & Preservation Services

Adoptees, Adoptive Families, Birth Parents, Professionals/Students

Post Adoption services refer to the many services that people may require following an adoption. ASCS can provide services to adult adoptees around search and reunion,  the newly formed adoptive family, and also to adoptive families that were formed months or even years ago. 

The time immediately following the adoption of a child/children is exciting and can also be challenging. This is a period of time that families would benefit from support. They may also find that they are in need of support later in the adoption journey. 

Families are encouraged to consider and explore their circles of support. These circles can serve as great resources when help is needed. Circles of support can include such things as; ASCS, adoptive parent groups, parenting support groups, community organizations, as well as groups available through social media platforms, family and friends.

Post Adoption support can help address the effects the impact that loss and trauma can have on children and youth who have been adopted. Children and their families also require support to address special needs. Family members require as much support as possible to strengthen their relationships and focus on attachment and bonding.

ASCS is striving to build better post adoption support services for the adoption community in Saskatchewan. Please stay connected with us so you can be informed of new services and support by subscribing to our mailing list below.

Post-Adoption Bulletin

For professionals who would like to learn more about the importance of Post Adoption Services, the Child Welfare Information Gateway explains the importance of post adoption support services.

Post-Adoption Support

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Post-Adoption Advocacy

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