ASCS and the province of Saskatchewan welcomes all persons of any gender and/or sexual orientation/identity to apply to adopt domestically. 

In regard to international adoption, some countries may prevent persons who identify as being LGBTQ2S from adopting a child because it is against their laws, culture or beliefs. You could face discrimination from national authorities responsible for adoption. You should carefully research which countries have laws in place to allow LGBTQ2S persons to adopt and work closely with your provincial or territorial adoption central authority to ensure the adoption process complies with both Canada’s and the other country’s legislation and procedures. 

The Adoptive Families Association of British Columbia has noted that there is a higher percentage of youth who identify as part of the LGBTQ2S community in the child welfare system than out of it. While we have no statistics to support this in Saskatchewan, we can assume that we are likely experiencing a similar phenomenon. 

Families that are equipped with supportive tools and knowledge they need to understand and support their child or youth’s needs, concerns, and identities go a long way in helping their child/youth who may be experiencing challenges.


Support and a list of Saskatchewan based LGBTQ2s agencies.

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Working with LGBTQ Families in Adoption

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