Each and every adoption reunion is unique and for this reason it is difficult to encapsulate all that can be involved in an adoption reunion. Search and reunion can be complicated whether you are an adoptee, a birth parent, or an adoptive parent.

We strongly suggest exploring the idea of an adoption reunion be done through an openly communicative process, while respecting the thoughts and feelings of all of those involved.

Rejection can be the outcome in some adoption reunions. It is important for people to prepare themselves for this possibility. There can be partial rejection or an ebb and flow in relationships. 

Counseling and other supports in your life are important no matter what the outcome. Overall, adoption reunions can be exciting they can also bring significant stress – positive and/or negative.

Navigating Relationships

Guidance on practicing good relationship habits.


Adoption disclosure refers to the official release of information relating to the legal adoption of a child.

Adoptive Parents and Adoption Reunions

Adoptive parents are often overlooked in the topic of adoption reunions but they are an important part of the process as well.  

Parent Finders Ottawa

A positive resource for those looking into adoption reunion with a family member.

Stages of Adoption Reunion

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Tips for a Successful Reunion

Navigating a successful adoption reunion.

Factors Influencing Reunions

What factors may play a role in adoption reunion outcomes

Searching for Birth Relatives

Methods for searching for birth relatives or an adopted child.