Parent Resources for Information Development and Education 

PRIDE is a licensed model of practice for the development and support of foster and adoptive families. Foster and adoptive parents helped design the program with the goal of creating a tool to strengthen the quality of care provided to children.

PRIDE training is a mandatory part of domestic, international, and private adoptions in Saskatchewan by order of the Ministry of Social Services

PRIDE is based on the following five competencies: 

  1. 1. Protecting and nurturing children 
  2. 2. Meeting children’s developmental needs and addressing developmental delays 
  3. 3. Supporting relationships between children and their families 
  4. 4. Connecting children to safe, nurturing relationships intended to last a lifetime 
  5. 5. Working as a member of a professional team.

These competencies coincide with the following:

Buffalo: Protecting and Nurturing

Buffalo protect their weakest and youngest members from danger by placing them in the centre of the herd. The strongest in the group surround them for protection.

Butterfly: Development

The butterfly represents the development from infant through adult stages of life. First Nations culture recognizes the developmental needs of children in care and celebrates the transition from one stage of life to another with ceremonies and traditions.

Ant: Team Building

Ants work together to meet the needs of the group, each doing their task for the benefit of the whole. Team building is necessary for the birth families, foster families, and social service professionals to meet the child’s needs.

Wolf: Family Relationships

Wolves live in packs and are very nurturing creatures who value family. This symbol represents the philosophy of supporting the relationships children in care have with their birth families.

Eagle: Lifetime Relationships

Eagles mate for life. their relationships continue over time. This symbol represents the philosophy of supporting those relationships children in care have for a lifetime.

Note: In the domestic adoption process with the MSS the adoption worker that does your MFA will provide you with PRIDE training registration information.