The Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan (ASCS) is the primary adoption information and resource centre in Saskatchewan. We offer support and referral services to:

  • Birth parents who are looking into planning options for their child
  • Prospective parents who are considering domestic, private, special needs or international adoption

  • Adoptive parents who need information and mentor support

  • Adoptees who are searching for birth parents or working through issues related to their adoption

  • Extended family or community who need adoption information and services

  • Professionals who work in the field of child welfare, foster care and adoption

  • Students who are doing research related to adoption

  • Schools, community organizations and other institutions who are interested in education related to adoption issues such as birth parent rights, open adoption, adoption related benefits for adoptive parents, parenting of adopted children and much more!

Registered charity number : 14065 0805 RR0001
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